Zombie Kenny
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South Park
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Zombie Kenny is number 5 in Pop! South Park. He is from the South Park franchise. He is a Hot Topic exclusive.

Background Edit

Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is one of the main characters of the show with Stan, Kyle &Cartman. His speech is often muffled by his hood and he lives with his poor family. In many episodes of the show, Kenny would suffer death in many different ways and would come back in the next episode with no explanation given. He is one of the students in South Park Elementary. His superhero alter ego is Mysterion.

His Pop! is a reference to the episode, "Pinkeye" where Kenny is killed and is brought back to life as a zombie during a freak accident.

History Edit

On December 13, 2016, the first wave of South Park Pop!s were announced with a release date of February 2017.

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