Weaponizied Rick
Pop! Animation
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Rick and Morty
Year Released


Weaponizied Rick is number 172 in Pop! Animation. He is from the Rick and Morty franchise. This variant is a Chase variant of Weaponizied Rick.

Background Edit

Rick Sanchez is a eccentric mad scientist who is also a alcoholic. He is the father of Beth, and the grandfather of Morty and Summer. His irresponsible behavior lead Beth and her husband, Jerry to worry about Morty's safety. Rick frequently burps when he speaks in the show.

This Pop! is a reference to the episode, "Total Rickcall", where the family used a arsenal of Rick's weapon stash to tackle a bunch of alien parasites posing as wacky characters. This variant of the Pop! features Rick showing his mouth open instead of closing it like the regular Pop!.

History Edit

  • The Funko blog announced the second Rick and Morty Pop!s on February 14, 2017. The second wave released in April 2017.

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