Tinkles And Ghost In A Jar is 256th in the Pop! Animation line and from Rick And Morty.


Tinkles is a fake character, portrayed by an Alien Parasite. Tinkles is supposed to be a magical ballerina lamb who is Summer's imaginary friend who takes her to a magical world called Never Past Bedtime Land. Summer is the only one who can see her and no one else believes that she's real. She was shot by Summer during an attempt to convince Summer not to shoot her. She appeared in the episode Total Rickall.

Ghost In A Jar is a false character, portrayed by the Alien Parasites. He is a tiny green ghost, inside of a jar. He appeared in the episode Total Rickall. Ghost in the Jar's character entered the household after Rick had a flashback to the barbecue, along with the dozens of other parasite characters. When Reverse Giraffe made his speech, he claimed that he once saved Ghost in a Jar's life in Vietnam. Ghost in a Jar was one of the last parasites to be killed,

Tinkles And Ghost In A Jar

most probably because either he didn't move while the others were killing the parasites, or due to his size, he was mostly ignored.

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