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The Coon is number 7 in Pop! South Park. He is from the South Park franchise. He is a SDCC 2017 exclusive.

Background Edit

The Coon is the superhero alter-ego of Cartman. He was also the leader of Coon and Friends in the episode, "Coon 2: Hindsight," but he was kicked out by the other members because he was beating them up and blackmailing other heroes.

The Coon eventually went to the evil side when he formed an alliance with Cthulhu in "Mysterion Rises". He embarks on a killing spree with Cthulhu, eventually making Cthulhu level the entire city of San Francisco. In "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", he continues on his killing spree, making Cthulhu destroy the Burning Man festival, slaughter Justin Bieber and most of his fans, and banish his friends to the sunken city of R'Lyeh.

However, Cthulhu is eventually defeated when Mint-Berry Crunch uses his super powers to seal him back into his own dimension. The Coon is made powerless and captured by the new Coon and Friends, who put him in the cell with Professor Chaos.

Like his alter-ego Cartman, the Coon is deemed selfish, ego-maniacal, with a short temper, and wanted to be the only one with the spotlight, demonstrated as he tried to get rid of Mysterion so he can be South Park's only superhero. He defines being a hero as making the world a better place for himself. But in reality, the Coon is a villain. He has a massive problem with concealing his identity - as Cartman, he is always going out of his way to promote the Coon and defends him when someone insults him, then accidentally letting his identity slip several times as the Coon.

The Coon's primary weapons are sharp metal claws attached to his fingers (made to resemble a raccoon's claws). He uses them to scratch up a man's face in "The Coon", and to beat up Mosquito and Mint-Berry Crunch (they appeared to cause more serious injury, as evidenced by the large amount of blood on Mosquito). He also uses his bare hands to hurt his enemies, such as when he punches Professor Chaos in the face or when he kicks Mosquito in the face and groin. He is shown using a variety of conventional equipment such as computers, binoculars, and TV's, all of which have coon-themed names and labels on them. In "The Coon," he also uses large amounts of dynamite to try to blow up a hospital, but abandons the plot soon after Professor Chaos is defeated. While usually preferring to scale buildings for transportation (usually through the use of ladders), he is not above simply asking his mother to drive him places.

History Edit

On June 12, 2017, The Coon along with Mint-Berry Crunch were announced to be exclusives to SDCC 2017.

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