Pop! Conan is a Pop! line that contains 3.75" Pop! vinyl figures of comedian and talk show host, Conan O' Brien from the show, Conan, on TBS. The series features him as characters from pop culture. The Pop!s are sold at Conan's live tapings during SDCC each year since 2015.

List of Pop! Conan FiguresEdit

Number Pop! Image (150px) Year Released Variants Series
1 Conan O'Brien ConanPop 2015 None Conan
2 Batman Conan BatmanConanPop 2015 None Conan
3 Zombie Conan ZombieConanPop 2015 None Conan
4 Conan's Monster Conan'sMonsterPop 2015 None Conan
5 Superman Conan SupermanConanPop 2016 None Conan
6 Stormtrooper Conan StormtrooperConanPop 2016 None Conan
7 Ghostbuster Conan GhostbusterConanPop 2016 None Conan
8 The Joker Conan TheJokerConanPop 2016 None Conan
9 Conan as Spider-Man ConanasSpider-ManPop 2017 None Conan
10 Jedi Conan JediConanPop 2017 None Conan
11 The Flash Conan TheFlashConanPop 2017 None Conan
12 White Walker Conan WhiteWalkerConanPop 2017 None Conan
13 MonoConan MonoConanPop 2017 None Conan
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