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Mint-Berry Crunch is number 6 in Pop! South Park. He is from the South Park franchise. He is a SDCC 2017 exclusive.

Background Edit

Mint-Berry Crunch is the superhero alter-ego of Bradley Biggle. Mint-Berry Crunch was cowardly before realizing he had actual superpowers, even peeing his pants when Mysterion tried to convince Coon and Friends that he had actual superpowers. After he learned he had actual superpowers, he became extremely heroic as well as brave, even confronting Cthulhu without hesitation.

Bradley Biggle transforms into Mint-Berry Crunch by spinning in place and saying "Shablagoo!!" His power is stated to be the "the power of mint and berries, yet with a satisfying, tasty crunch!" Being one of only two members of Coon and Friends to have actual superpowers, his power manifests as the power of flight, super strength and the ability to wield mint and berries as weapons. He is also shown to be able to create large pink bubbles which can protect the objects inside.

History Edit

On June 12, 2017, Mint-Berry Crunch along with The Coon were announced to be exclusives to SDCC 2017.

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