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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Ren & Stimpy is a two pack of figures released as part of the Pop! Animation line. The figures are based on characters from 1991's The Ren And Stimpy Show and were released as part of San Diego Comic Con in 2017 as a limited edition of 2500 pieces.


The Ren & Stimpy show debuted on August 11, 1991. The twelfth episode of the series, entitled Stimpy's Invention, first aired on February 23, 1992 as the finale of the first season. In this episode, Stimpy attempts to make the angry Ren happy all the time by inventing the Happy Helmet. After activating the helmet and forcing Ren to be happy, the characters begin dancing to the song Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.


The figure was first announced as SDCC exclusive figures on June 12, 2017, when a wave of animation-based figures for that convention were announced. The figures were released starting on the first day of the convention starting on July 20, 2017.

Several differences exist from the 2-pack and the retail released versions of Ren & Stimpy. In this variant Ren's eyes are changed to pink, his hand placement changed, his face is given a smile and his Happy Helmet is placed on his head. Stimpy's hand are rearranged and he is given the button used to activate the Happy Helmet.

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