''Everyone's Is A Fan Of Something''

Funko is a pop culture license focused company. Currently it holds more licenses than any other company in the industry.


The company was founded in 1998. Its founder, Mike Becker, sold Funko to Brian Mariotti in 2005. Since then, Funko has secured licensing deals with Marvel, DC Comics, WWE, Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Hasbro, CBS, Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, HBO, Peanuts, BBC, NFL, Ubisoft, NBCUniversal, Cartoon Network, 2K Games, Bethesda Games, and more.


In 2015, Funko added new products to their existing lines:

  • Mopeez
  • Dorbz
  • Vinyl Idolz
  • Vinyl Vixens
  • Super Deluxe Vinyl
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