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Funko Fabrikations logo.

Fabrikations are a 'soft sculpture' plush toy line created by Funko in 2014.

Fabrikations cover a range of licensed brands and popular culture such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC and more.

Style[edit | edit source]

Funko's line of Fabrikations are a mix of styles. They share a similarity with the Pop! style in that they have a large head with a smaller body. The standard size for the Fabrikations line is 6 inches.

Categories[edit | edit source]

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Unlike other lines of Funko products, Fabrikations are not separated into branded collections and instead each brand are encompassed into the one line.

Each Fabrikations plush has an incremental number assigned to it. The next available number is assigned to the newest soft sculpture.

Future Releases[edit | edit source]

Future releases are often showcased at trade shows and conventions. The American Toy Industry Association International Toy Fair held annually in New York every February is one of the major events on the calendar for Funko collectors.

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