Cat In The Hat (Flocked)
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Dr. Seuss
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Cat In The Hat is number 4 in Pop! Books. He is from the Dr. Seuss franchise. This Pop! is a "Flocked" variant of Cat In The Hat. It is a Barnes & Noble exclusive.

Background Edit

In the book, The Cat In The Hat, The Cat In The Hat is a tall anthropomorphic cat who wears a red and white striped hat that arrives at the doorstep of a girl named Sally and her brother. He promises to entertain the children with his tricks. The children's fish insists that he should leave because he doesn't not trust the Cat. The Cat causes trouble around the house with two identical creatures named Thing 1 and Thing 2. After the children's mother arrive, The Cat uses a machine to clean up the mess that he and the Things. He stores the Things in a small red box. The Cat leaves before their mother arrive.

History Edit

  • The Dr. Seuss Pop!s were revealed on the Funko Blog on January 25, 2017. They released on the same day as it was revealed. "Flocked" Cat In The Hat was revealed to be a Barnes & Noble exclusive.

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